Omni-2 Plus Wire Saw Table Band Saw

Table Band Saw

  • UPGRADE - This new and improved wire saw offers faster cutting and a longer blade compared to the older Omni-2. With 500 rpm and a new high speed motor, this saw will have you cutting glass faster than ever before.
  • POWERFUL - The Gryphon Omni-2 Plus uses a very strong steel wire blade that is coated all around with diamonds. This propels the blade up and down rapidly, enabling the operator to swiftly cut glass or other hard material. This simple yet durable design eliminates problems encountered in other brands.
  • BUILT-IN AUTOMATIC PUMP - Be prepared to use a tool that is right for you. With its upgrade, the Gryphon Omni-2 Plus utilizes water. It is recirculated from within the saw, eliminating the external supply and exhaust reservoir.
  • SHINE THE LIGHT - When you can?t see your work up close, it makes it difficult to get anything done. With this simple design, Gryphon has added a built-in spotlight that shines directly on your work. It eliminates all shadows, as well as your fear of not being able to see.
  • 6-BLADES - As an added bonus, the Omni-2 Plus is shipped with a complement of six diamond blades, an extra set of blade guides, and a spare chuck.

Omni-2 Plus Wire Saw Omni-2 Plus Wire Saw Omni-2 Plus Wire Saw Omni-2 Plus Wire Saw Omni-2 Plus Wire Saw Omni-2 Plus Wire Saw Omni-2 Plus Wire Saw

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